Knuckle Problems

If your ring spins around on your finger because it needed to be sized large enough for your knuckle and you are tired of wrapping string or tape around your expensive ring to stop the problem.  There are better looking ways, some comfortable and some not.

The simplest method is to add a clip in type "ring guard", these are usually inexpensive as they will only last a short time if you need to bend them in and out to fit.

Another method similar to the clip in guard is the "foldover device", most jewelers can make these for you after sizing your ring to go over the knuckle.  This has the advantage of taking up the space like the "ring guard" and also being able to open to get your ring off.

In order of not so comfortable involve the placing of "balls", "bridges"  or "springs" inside the ring.  This usually involves sizing the ring a bit larger to accommodate the inserted pieces.

Sometimes the "balls"and "bridges" are uncomfortable going over the knuckle (depending on your own bumps) but they do tend to hold the ring upright by gripping into the flesh on the palm side of your finger.

Sometimes the "spring" insert might scrape the knuckle going on but they do hold the ring upright although often the ring top is held above the finger.

Another device we have seen is a swinging lock similar to the "Figure-8 Lock" used on bracelets.  This involves an external hinge tube welded to the ring and a notch latching point on the opposite side with a wire loop wrapping around the ring.


The  Beads, Bridge, Spring, and Figure-8 style latch are all usually fabricated by your local jeweler.


The best method involves some sort of a hinged locking shank rebuild of your ring. There are currently several manufacturers making shanks that can be added to your ring. The style choices are a bit dependent upon how much difference in size there is between your knuckle and the lower part of your finger.

The  FingerFit® and FingerMate® styles have a guide wire that prevents the ring from opening more that about 4 sizes. There are also available other hinged shanks that totally open up for those with more than 4 sizes difference between the knuckle and finger sizes.


FingerFit® is available from nearly any jeweler and has ads in many magazines.  FingerFit® is usually the least expensive for a standard 2mm shank.  The disadvantages of FingerFit® are:  

An external locking system (we have seen many of these that have had the latch broken off).  They have in recent years been using a stronger latch lock to alleviate that problem.

A width limitation, if you have a ring wider than about 3mm you will need to stack multiples of the FingerFit® together to blend into your ring.

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FingerMate® shanks are only available from jewelers that have the training and tools from the FingerMate® company.  This shank makes a nearly seamless integration into an existing ring or completely design it into a new ring from the beginning, the limiting factor is that they are only manufactured with up to a 4 size opening.

FingerMate® has an internal locking system, and an availability of many different widths and shapes, to blend smoothly into nearly any ring style.

An advantage of the FingerMate® internal latching system is the customers ability to get their rings on and off easily.

FingerMate® shanks should be cleaned and lubricated regularly to prevent wear in the locking mechanism.  We have installed these since the 1960's and know of several that are still working well because of proper maintenance - and we have had a few customers who didn't listen to us (the first time) and needed the locking mechanism replaced after just a couple of years.

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The other hinged shanks on the market will open totally for those with really large knuckles.  These shanks are a solid type construction with a specially fabricated locking mechanism. Branded  shanks are available through most jewelers and are nearly invisible when installed.   The best one we have found is CLIQ®

These shanks are available in many widths allowing the blending into most ring styles or used in designing a completely new ring, however they are much heavier than the other styles of shanks and thus may be more expensive.

These styles require nearly perfect alignment and curvature for the latch to connect properly.  Some people have found these difficult to unlock, many styles often need  a tool to to unlock the shank.

Some jewelers, who also make bracelets, have been making similar styles for many years, but with the advent of CAD/CAM the new branded styles seem to have better, more consistent made locking systems.


These branded shanks can be installed with your local jeweler as well as sending your ring to the manufacturer.  FingerMate does require the jeweler to have specialty equipment and training to install their shanks.

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