My background of over 40 years of jewelry design and photography has been translated into the electronic media over the past decade.

My first experiences with computers was in the U.S. Army in 1969, figuring out how to make those old card reader machines do what we wanted them to do.  I guess that's why for someone of my age group, I don't let the computers intimidate me.

In the mid-1990's I volunteered to build a web for our church, with no previous experience in that area, let alone no experience in going on-line.  Those first webs were all created using MS-Word-95 and converting them into html.  This necessitated keeping things simple, so I could keep track of all the links in my head.  Now I actually use some web design programs, but keep falling back to MS-HomePage because of its simplicity and flexibility of being able to recode things to do what I want, I have also found many free services online that help keep costs low.

This site will contain samples of my work, since each job is unique I'm not showing any pricing.